Interface InHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
ContextAttributeUnmarshallingInHandler, ExceptionReader, UnmarshallingInHandler

public interface InHandler

Provides an interface for handlers to be invoked during the inbound processing of a message. The handlers have access to both the InContext and the IXMLReader, and have the option of reading XML content.

Method Summary
 Object invoke(InContext context, IXMLReader xmlReader)
          Invokes the handler.

Method Detail


Object invoke(InContext context,
              IXMLReader xmlReader)
              throws IOException,
Invokes the handler. If the handler processes the current element it needs to parse past the end tag of that element before returning.

context - the context of the current message being received
xmlReader - a reader for the XML message positioned at the start of the XML content for which the handler is configured
the object the handler has read from the XML content, or null if the handler has not processed the XML content
IOException - on I/O error reading the XML content
WsException - on errors other than I/O errors

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