The current 0.9.1 release is considered to be stable and is in production use at a few sites, including sites serving hundreds of thousands of requests per day. However there is a chance that API changes will be made leading up to the 1.0 release. We will attempt to keep these changes to a minimum and communicate them clearly in the release notes.

Changes since v0.9-beta

New features

  • Added ability to expose static WSDL, with option for transforming location based on WSDL request URL.
  • [JIBX-417] - Add optional encodingStyle attribute to SOAP envelope in SoapClient


  • [JIBX-359] - Modify JiBX/WS packaging to provide better integration with core JiBX
  • [JIBX-425] - JiBX/WS: Add Maven and Gradle builds to starter project
  • [JIBX-426] - JiBX/WS: Allow path to be specified for examples

Bug fixes

  • [JIBX-323] - distribution with deps missing spring jars so examples don't build
  • [JIBX-326] - JiBX/WS: Output completion listener not called on SOAP Fault
  • [JIBX-334] - Exchange Context not reset after exception in OutputCompletionListener
  • [JIBX-411] - JiBX/WS: high memory utilisation
  • [JIBX-421] - JiBX/WS: after client aborts, subsequent response from server includes XML from response which timed out

Commercial Support

Using JiBX/WS for enterprise-level web services may require the addition of support for WS-Security and some form of attachments, as well as other types of extensions in the future. These extensions can all be done within the JiBX/WS framework, but the amount of work involved will probably require support through some form of commercial license. If you have a need for enterprise-level support or enhancements to JiBX/WS please contact Sosnoski Software Associates directly.