The plugin supports three different usage modes: single-module, multi-module and restricted multi-module.

Single-module mode

The single-module mode is the default.

It searches for binding definition files in the current project and compiles them using the project's classpath.

Multi-module mode

In its multi-module mode the plugin searches for binding definition files in the current and all referenced projects and runs the binding compiler with an aggregated classpath.

Just set the multi-module flag to true:


Note: See multi-module note below.

Restricted multi-module mode

The restricted multi-module mode is basically the same as above but does not include all referenced projects but only those specified in the plugin's configuration.

The plugin automatically switches to its restricted multi-module mode if you specify a list of modules in its configuration section. The multi-module flag is optional:


Note: When you specify multi-module mode, all of the modules must be included in the maven build.

For example if the project in our example was structured as follows:

- parentModule
  - example1
  - example2
  - multiModuleProject

You must build the parentModule for the multiModuleProject to build correctly. If you build the multiModuleProject by itself the build will not be able to find resources in the example1 and example2 projects.