Contributing to the JiBX Schema Library Project

JiBX Schema Library Project is collection of pre-built JiBX java schema bindings.

Contributing to the Schema Library is easy. We have several great tools. You can also hire a schema analyst to do it for you. The JiBX team are experts in JiBX and schema analysis.

Our rules are simple:

  • Your schema must be publicly accessible. This means it has to have a web-based home (For example, the wsdl2.0 schema definition lives at
  • Your schema groupId and java package name must start with org.jibx.schema. Remember, these artifacts are globally accessible. We highly recommend using the names generated by our tools.

Contributing your schema to the library

There are several ways to contribute your project to the schema library.

Contribute your project as a jira patch

If you don't want to become a JiBX contributor, just submit your project as a patch:

  1. Check out the schema library:
    git clone git://
  2. Add your project to the library using the tools described above.
  3. Do a local commit.
    git add .
    git commit -m "Add my schema"
  4. Create a patch file:
    git format-patch origin..master
  5. Create a new issue (type 'New Feature') under the 'maven plugin' component. Assign it to 'Don Corley' and attach your patch file(s). I'll test it and release it on the next cycle.
We highly recommend using the generated package and artifact names. Future tools may generate references using these generated names.
If you would like to include more detailed documentation on your project, create a sub-directory in the 'site' project. For an example, see the project.