Comments from JiBX users

Speed and accuracy are crucial to Travelocity - delays of even a few seconds can mean lost customers and lost revenue. As XML has become an increasingly important element of modern e-commerce, JiBX plays a key role for parsing and handling critical flight, hotel and rental car details each day.

Barry Vandevier, Chief Technology Officer, Travelocity

We have been using JiBX for several years in our production systems for transfering critical data to our backend servers. JiBX allowed us to embrace XML transparently: JiBX is very fast, low overhead, and its binding definitions make it flexible. We liked so much its flexibility that we have been using XML files and JiBX in a recent project instead of a database for some specific data. And that choice saved us lots of time for evolving the data through the development of the project.

Henri Dupre, Actualis Center

JiBX provides lightening quick mapping of data from xml to java classes and vice versa. Using JiBX-soap allowed us to reduce the communications overhead of calling our web services down to a handful of milliseconds.

Tim Sawyer, pancredit systems limited

The scenario I was confronted with was that persistence functionality based on XML data output should be added to code already in heavy use. It only took a quick glance on some tutorials of XML data binding frameworks to figure out that JiBX was the choice for me. The decisive point clearly was flexibility and with the JiBX binding framework I managed to add the required functionality with minimum effort and only unsignificant changes to the existing code. The result is a highly performant solution meeting the demands made on software used in a scientific environment.

Tilman Linden, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

I am impressed by the flexibility and responsiveness of a product in such beginning stages. I have successfully incorporated JiBX with our Java based object model and have been able to offer my users a more generic and efficient xml binding framework and generation tool.

Simone Swieca, JPMorgan

When I was tasked with adding XML support to our project, I dreaded the re-work required to get the two technologies to integrate. JiBX solved the problem fast; not only was there no code changes required but JiBX reads and writes XML faster than our normal save routines. Highly recommended for any project using Java and XML.

Thomas Jones-Low, Softstart Services Inc.

Sync4j, the open mobile application server, uses JiBX since it combines production grade quality and performance with an easy development integration process. It allows Sync4j to focus on SyncML and I recommend projects with similar requirement to use JiBX also.

Harrie Hazewinkel, Sync4j

We use JiBX for converting Java Objects into XML Documents that are then sent to a variety of web services in the telecommunications industry. We wanted a technology that allowed us to make XML Code that is correct to a schema and can be loaded to our objects; JiBX was the best that we found. It's fast and surprisingly easy to use. We will definitely be using JiBX technology in the future.

Daniel Lewis, Lifecycle Software Ltd.