Mailing Lists

The official mailing lists for the JiBX projects are hosted by SourceForge. You must subscribe to the lists (which you can do through the SourceForge project mailing list page) before you're allowed to post to them. If you just want to see what's been discussed you can access searchable archives at the Mail Archive (jibx-users and jibx-devs) and MARC: Mailing List Archives at AIMS (jibx-users, jibx-devs, and jibx-cvs). If you're new to JiBX it's a good idea to check the archives first before asking a usage question, just in case it's already been discussed. You should also at least look through the Binding Tutorial to make sure your question isn't covered there.

Besides blocking postings from non-subscribers, the mailing lists also block postings larger than 50KB in size. If you try posting to the list without subscribing, or posting an email larger than 50KB, your email will be held by SourceForge until a list administrator examines the email and decides what to do (normally just sending them back to you with a rejection message). Tending to blocked emails is not a priority item, so you're best off keeping these restrictions in mind when posting to the list - and if your email doesn't show up on the list within a day or so, double check the email size and that you're still subscribed (SourceForge sometimes drops email addresses because of problems such as bounced messages).