Using the org.jibx.eclipse Plug-in

Create Java Project

Create a Java project project1 using the project wizard.

Enable JiBX

Enable the JiBX plugin for project1.

JiBX Properties

At the project level are the following JiBX properties:

  1. JiBX Mapping Folder: Location where mapping files are stored.
  2. Verbose compilation: Usefull for seeing what the binding compiler is up to

The location of src/main/config is chosen by default to match the (non-Eclipse based) Maven plugin maven-jibx-plugin, so you would then want a Mavenish classpath like this:


  • The plugin will parse all xml files contained in your mappings folder to identify which java classes require bindings.
  • The JiBX binding process itself is a full binding of all bound classes every time(ie, there is no such thing as incremental JiBX binding).
  • The plugin is invoked by Eclipse whenever
    1. A "full compilation" (Project->Clean) of the workspace is performed
    2. Any bound java file is modified/saved
    3. Any mapping file is modified/saved
    4. A new mapping file is added to the mapping folder
  • Any one of the previous events cause the plugin to re-bind all classes in the project
  • The plugin allocates a new Eclipse console that will display details of the plugin operation

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