A new Eclipse plugin for JiBX is now available. You can install the plugin by making use of Eclipse's Software Updates handling, with the update site url If you want a detailed walk-through of how to configure Eclipse to use this site, see the Install page.

Once you've installed the plugin, you can activate it for any of your Eclipse projects using the project context menu, and for each project specify a folder containing the binding definitions used by that project. The plugin will parse all XML files contained in your specified mappings folder to identify which Java classes require bindings, and will automatically run the JiBX binding compiler whenever it detects a change that might effect the bindings or bound classes. For a detailed walk-through of how to activate the plugin for a project, and details of when and how it runs the binding compiler, see the Usage page.

JiBX version

The plugin is currently distributed in versions that align with a specific release of JiBX. Upon adding the update site to Eclipse, either several versions of JiBX will available: choose one (but not more) of these to install. If you want to change to a different version of JiBX (including some older versions, though this has not been thoroughly tested), first locate the plugin jar named org.jibx.eclipse_x.x.x.jar within the plugins folder of your Eclipse installation. You can open this jar with a tool which supports zip file formats (or expand it to a full directory structure using the jar tool included in the Java JDK) and replace the jibx-bind.jar and jibx-run.jar files within the lib directory of the jar with those for your target JiBX version. Then just save the modified org.jibx.eclipse_x.x.x.jar and restart Eclipse.

Module Name Primary Developer Status
jibx-eclipse (svn) Michael McMahon 1.2.5 release March 2013